Review | ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 4 Episode 16: Hey, World!

Only in Legends could a musical number solve (almost) everyone’s problems.

Starring Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Tala Ashe, Jes Macallan, Courtney Ford, Amy Louise Pemberton, Ramona Young, Nick Zano, Dominic Purcell and Matt Ryan

So, at the beginning of the episode, NeRay and Tabitha are close to enacting their evil plan, which is for Neron to collect the souls of all of the users of his ‘Eyes’ app as a result of creating fear against magical creatures and metahumans. While the Waverider struggles with the presence of the liberated magical fugitives and refugees from the Time Bureau, Nate and Zari chastise themselves for failing to retrieve the baby dragon from Zari’s past self. The video footage of the dragon dancing for Zari and her friends, however, is showing that these magical creatures can be adored. However, Charlie is used by Tabitha and NeRay to transform into a giant squid while masquerading as a senator to increase fear of magical creatures, causing a surge of downloads of Neron’s app. Sara and Mick rescue Charlie, and then decide that they need to conceive of a way to make the public like magical creatures once more.

This reminds Nate of his father’s idea of Heyworld and, using Mick’s book, they magically create the theme park. In the midst of this, Nate, Sara and Gary impersonate Supergirl, Green Arrow and The Flash to film a terrible promo video for the theme park, and Zari discovers that if they create Heyworld, then her timeline will be rewritten as a new age of tolerance towards metahumans and magical creatures will be created, therefore meaning that she will never join the Legends in the first place, as well as avoiding the death of her family. As a result, Zari is ordered to stay on board the Waverider to avoid her memories being erased when the timeline changes.

Meanwhile, Nora and Constantine are in Hell and team up with Astra to retrieve Ray’s soul at the Soul Exchange. There, they discover Ray befriending his would-be torturer Vandal Savage and playing Jenga, and return to the Waverider, with Ray now being a coin as his body is currently occupied.

In the Waverider, they reveal that Neron’s plan is to open the Gates of Hell using the energy of the hatred towards the magical creatures and to make the planet literally Hell on Earth. Constantine is also sceptical of the Legends plan to persuade people using a theme park and says the only way to defeat NeRay is to get him to kill Nate, as this was the agreement he made with Ray for his body. Sara is resistant and, as she said to Zari, she is not willing to lose a Legend.

The theme park opens and part of the plan involves a heavy-handed morality performance scripted by Mick, which isn’t received well by the audience, who mostly just want to see superheroes taking out bad guys instead of being friends. Tabitha appears and transforms Zari’s dragon into a full sized dragon that starts tormenting the theme park, but young Zari steps in, resulting in Tabitha being eaten.

NeRay appears and opens the Gate to Hell using the fear of the customers of Heyworld, and Constantine challenges him to a fight. NeRay has clearly lost patience as he simply kills Constantine, who is revealed, instead, to be Nate. With his death, Neron is expelled from Ray’s body and destroyed by Constantine. Zari appears on the scene to cry over Nate’s fallen body, while Ray begs Constantine to revive him, but Constantine does not have the power.

In the rafters of the Big Top, Ghost Nate looks down, reunited with his father. They muse about how they feel robbed of their time because of Hank’s sudden demise. Hank temporarily takes over Mick’s body to start a song, and all of the audience start joining in, giving Tabitha’s staff enough magical energy to revive Nate. Once revived, he and Zari embrace tearfully. Breaking away from the hug, however, Zari has been replaced by her brother, only vaguely noticed by Nate as he has been affected by the timeline change. Victorious, the Legends (minus one member) exit the circus tent.

In Hell, Astra releases several souls from the Soul Exchange – which can only be bad news for the Legends.


I am absolutely gutted about poor Zari. She has come so far in this series and really opened up to the other Legends, and it’s such a crime that all of this character development has to be reset. While it’ll be delightful to have her brother on board the Waverider, I am worried to see what will have become of our Zari when we return for Season 5. It has been confirmed that Tala Ashe will be back (Thank God), but Zari will not be the one who we know and love.

Will the Time Bureau still be a factor in the next season? I have been very vocal in my opposition of it, but with the historical figures re-emerging as the premise for next season, is the Time Bureau necessary? Or can the Waverider handle it and we focus upon that side of things? I miss just having my core group of the Legends!

Is Nora going to stop being a fairy godmother ever? Or is she going to have to trick another witch into taking the mantle just like Tabitha did to her?

Gary needs to get out of the Waverider. He has not yet been chastened enough for his behaviour and, even though he is reformed, it’s simply not enough.

It feels like years since we actually saw Sara and Nate in their superhero costumes – here’s hoping we get a lot more of that in the next season! Though having said that, some of the members don’t even have superhero costumes – someone should get on that.

It was nice to have the finale not only have the stakes for the human race but also emotional stakes for the Legends at potentially losing Zari. I hope that the memories are restored in some way next season, because it would be tragic for the Legends to be entirely unaware of what they are missing not having Zari around.

See you next season, folks, as things get historical. Lots of historical enemies have been released by Astra and are sure to menace the world, and the Legends need to remedy the situation.

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