Review | ‘The Bold Type’ Season 3 Episode 8: Revival

Adena’s return causes an unexpected confusion for Kat.


Starring Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, Sam Page, Matt Ward, Melora Hardin and Stephen Conrad Moore

So, following on from last week, Kat picks up her phone following her night of passion with campaign manager Tia to discover that Adena is back in town and wants to meet up. Convening the council that is her, Sutton and Jane, she is insistent that she isn’t going to see Adena, because it is over and she has accepted it.

However, that plan is unduly disrupted by Jane and Jacqueline’s ongoing investigation of Pamela Dolan. Having found enough models to come forward about the abuse, they plan a photoshoot, but they know that they cannot use any of their regular photographers as they will be afraid to go against Pamela. Oliver points out that Adena’s agent emailed him to say that Adena is in town and whether she would be a good fit. Reluctantly, Jane agrees that Adena would be the right person for the job and they bring her in to shoot the models.

An awkward interaction with Adena by the elevator causes much more hurt in Kat than she initially expected, and she comes to realise that she hasn’t got closure from their relationship yet. This is made even worse by Adena confiding in Jane how much she regrets breaking up with Kat in Paris, attributing this to her struggle with gaining a VISA and being unable to work, which makes sense in retrospect. Jane is definitely conflicted about whether or not to tell Kat, but ultimately decides that she must, leading to Kat meeting Adena to talk about the end of their relationship.

Elsewhere this week, Sutton is resistant for Richard paying for everything, but comes to realise support in a relationship is necessary. Jane also starts to feel slightly paranoid about Ryan as she reads his book while he’s on the book tour and discovers it’s anti-relationship.



The end of Adena and Kat’s breakup was abrupt. From the conversation that they’d had in Paris to the beginning of Season 3, it felt like there was still more ground left to cover. It’s nice that when Adena does roll up again, Kat reacts in a human way. Even if you are completely over an ex, it still hurts a little bit, and that’s good to see represented here. Furthermore, Adena’s explanation of how the end of the relationship was for her makes me see the breakup in a different light. Were it not for Tia also being in the picture, I’d be rooting for the pair to make it work again.


Alex stirring

Reading Jane a book and pointing out to her the debauchery that Ryan has been writing about? What are you aiming to achieve from this, Alex? All you’re getting is Jane paranoid about something that she can’t control, and making her feel inadequate. Bad friend.

Sutton and Richard drama

This isn’t the first time that money has come up as being an issue in Sutton and Richard’s relationship. While it is definitely a thing within some relationships, I feel like we’ve been here before earlier in the season with Sutton’s reluctance to lose her independence with a maid, but Sutton should be able to separate from herself and let Richard in a little bit more, as it feels like she is keeping him at arm’s length. It’s frustrating when something as generous as offering to buy something that can help her career is needlessly rebuffed when it’s actually helpful.

The preview for next week shows the election coming to a head and Kat struggling with the repercussions with her job at Scarlet, as well as deciding between Tia and Adena.

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