Here are a few of my favourite things: 100 Blog Posts

I cannot believe that I am writing my hundredth blog post on this site. Not least because I have been unable to consistently stick to a routine for anything. Having said that, I did manage to keep up with Musical Theatre Mondays for a while, but how am I meant to blog about musical theatre if I haven’t seen any good musical theatre to share? Anyhow, I digress. As per usual. It is crazy to think of how far I have come in blogging since January. It has been a crazy 8 months, and I feel like I have produced so many thoughts and opinions about the content that I’m watching. whether that is a weekly recap/musing about some programmes, or periodic film and musical theatre reviews. I feel like over the course of that time, I have come to hone those skills and I’ve been feeling increasingly more confident with my review writing since then.

There’s still a long way to go. I would love to be able to share more of my own creative work on here, not least to help myself practise my creative writing. It has been far too long, and it’s something that I’m hugely passionate about.

Having said that, I was hugely stuck on what to write for my 100th blog post. I knew that I had to acknowledge it in some way, and celebrate the journey that I’ve come on. The blog is still so recent that I didn’t feel like I needed to look back on my favourite posts so far, as it’s only been a few months since I wrote most of them in the first place. Furthermore, I already recapped my summer of TV programmes only a few weeks ago so I wasn’t going to share all of my loves in TV. The number of open internet browsers on my computer is obscene, all variants on “100 lists” and “100 blog posts”. Ultimately, none of them really sang to me, until I discovered: 100 Favourite Things.

So here we go, my 100 favourite things. Expect musical theatre, books, film and random non-sequiturs.

  1. Curling up on the sofa.
  2. That first sip of Pepsi Max on a blisteringly hot day.
  3. Listening to music on your headphones past midnight, where it feels like you’re the only one alive.
  4. Wearing clothes fresh out of the tumble dryer.
  5. The kind of joke that you cannot say properly because you are too busy laughing.
  6. Companionable silence.
  7. Long drives.
  8. Hugs.
  9. Singing for so long you forget what talking sounds like.
  10. That moment in musical theatre where your hair stands on end.
  11. Happy tears.
  12. Passion.
  13. Dogs.
  14. Anything Anna Kendrick does. I mean anything.
  15. The Famous Five.
  16. The Worst Witch.
  17. X-Men.
  18. Doctor Who.
  19. Charmed.
  20. The skip in your step after a fresh haircut.
  21. Finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly.
  22. Disney World.
  23. Epcot.
  24. The one spot of air conditioning at Hollywood Studios.
  25. The sound that virgin snow makes when you first step on it.
  26. The feel of autumn leaves underfoot.
  27. The sweet relief of a cold breeze on a hot Summer’s day.
  28. Those beautiful summer evenings which carry your cares away in the late sunshine.
  29. Heathers: The Musical
  30. Leather bound editions of books.
  31. Stationery.
  32. New York City.
  33. Haim’s Something to Tell You.
  34. My Disneyland sweatshirt.
  35. Greek mythology.
  36. The scene in Doctor Who where the TARDIS and the Doctor say goodbye/hello.
  37. Spending time with my family.
  38. Christmas music.
  39. Cornwall.
  40. Clear nights.
  41. Toasted marshmallows.
  42. Receiving a text from someone you haven’t heard from in a while.
  43. Blackadder.
  44. Reading in silence.
  45. Clean sheets night.
  46. The smell of the street after rain.
  47. My boyfriend.
  48. Birds singing outside the window.
  49. Staying up all night talking.
  50. Dancing like nobody is watching.
  51. Dreaming.
  52. Harry Potter.
  53. Finland.
  54. Six!
  55. The sense of accomplishment when you nail the vocal run you’ve been practising.
  56. Winnie the Pooh.
  57. Beauty and the Beast.
  58. The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  59. Torchwood.
  60. Little Mix.
  61. Taylor Swift.
  62. Ariana Grande.
  63. Beyoncé.
  64. Sara Bareilles.
  65. Broadway.
  66. Central Park.
  67. That first summer after Pokémon Go came out, and suddenly everybody was outside walking.
  68. Pokémon.
  69. Phone conversations with my brother.
  70. Hearing my mum tell me she’s proud of me.
  71. Cherry blossom.
  72. Sing-along musicals.
  73. Cluedo.
  74. Final Fantasy VIII.
  75. Bernard.
  76. Sliced apple with sugar.
  77. Doing accents.
  78. Making people laugh.
  79. The mental whiplash after finishing a good book.
  80. Organisation.
  81. Typography.
  82. Colonial Revival Architecture.
  83. Binge-watching a TV show.
  84. Italian Gothic Architecture.
  85. Period dramas.
  86. Having a nickname.
  87. In jokes.
  88. Sunsets.
  89. Back to the Future.
  90. Star Wars.
  91. Wicked.
  92. Hamilton.
  93. Waitress.
  94. My job.
  95. Children.
  96. Disney princesses.
  97. The early seasons of Glee.
  98. Knitted sweaters.
  99. Genuine smiles.
  100. Myself.

So there we have it. I hope that I manage to find more time in the future to be blogging about myself. I hope to be talking about my favourite parts of my holiday to Disney World soon enough, as well as the places I hope to travel to in the future.

Over the next few weeks, it’s my plan to be posting weekly. I am undecided what day of the week I intend to be posting (excluding my recap posts). Pretty soon we should have:

  • American Horror Story recaps.
  • The Good Place recaps.
  • Charmed recaps.
  • A weekly review (Film/Musical Theatre/TV)
  • Intermittent personal posts.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    I do not know if I can come up with a list of 100.

    I defiantly love musical theatre- a huge topic on my blog.

    I love to read

    I love hiking

    I love sparkles and glitter

    I love to learn

    I love volunteering

    Just some of them


    1. Mark Goodwin says:

      Haha yeah I definitely found it tricky! Those are all brilliant ones; I love to read too! And musical theatre is the source of all joy!


      1. mphtheatregirl says:

        I love to read classics and fantasy.

        Liked by 1 person

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