Happy 56th Birthday, Doctor Who!

To mark the occasion, BBC have released the first proper look at the new series, set to debut next year (some hints even suggest that it may air as early as New Year’s Day).

Within the trailer, we see hints of new and old monsters, such as the Cybermen, the Judoon and an unknown creature that is breaching the TARDIS doors. Enigmatically, the Doctor murmurs, “something is coming for me, I can feel it”. Terrifying bat creatures swarm around the TARDIS gang in other shots, as well as teasers of a story told in World War II occupied Paris.

This series looks set to be absolutely brilliant. Last year was a fun, light-hearted bounce around the cosmos with our new TARDIS crew, but this year looks set to be more dramatic, and hopefully heralds the return of the series-long story arc.

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