Charmed Review: A Blast from the Past

Maggie’s shaken by the re-emergence of Parker, while Macy and Harry investigate Jordan.

Past is Present

Starring Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Jeffery, Rupert Evans, Jordan Donica and Poppy Drayton

A desecrated magical Hollow Tree, whose fruit causes magical immunity, leads the Charmed Ones back to Abigael – rudely interrupting what looked like a very PG-13 lesbian threesome. Abby reveals something altogether more troubling however, showing Macy, Maggie and Harry that Parker has taken up the mantle of Overlord. Maggie demands that Abby takes her to Parker to sort out the situation. Strangely, Macy and Harry allow this and don’t seem remotely concerned, and instead carry on with their own storyline for the rest of the episode.

Upon being reunited with Parker, he tries to kill Abby for a murder attempt on him a couple of days before. Parker is adamant that he had nothing to do with the Dryad extermination at the Hollow Tree, so he and his followers resort to torture to find out what happened. Maggie, who is still there for some reason, and no demons have tried to harm her, because logic, is firm that there must be a better – less gruesome way – to deal with this. Instead, they lace Abby’s food with truth serum and she admits to killing the Dryads, as well as wanting to kill Parker.

Abby is sentenced to death, but Maggie insists that she not be killed. Instead, Parker vows that her powers be stripped instead. When returned to her cell, however, it is revealed by Parker’s lead henchman, that he gave her some of the magical fruit which protected Abby from having her powers taken.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Parker give in to temptation and have sex. When Maggie goes to leave afterwards, Parker reminds her of how good they are together and proposes.

At Safe Space, Macy and Harry are trying to find out whether Jordan is a threat. One such spell that they use suggests that Jordan has been subjected to some sort of curse from a dying witch, but they still need more information. Macy goes for a boxing session, allowing her to get his blood, while Harry clones and steals Jordan’s ring to test. This reveals that Jordan’s ancestor was a Witchfinder and was cursed by a witch to “wither 5 by 5”. With further research, Harry and Macy discover that the men in Jordan’s family die before they turn 26. Jordan himself is 25.

Elsewhere, Mel discovers that Katrina is being taken and hospitalised because of hearing voices. Mel feels highly guilty about this considering that the voices that she was hearing were real and were from Marisol to protect Maggie and Mel a couple of weeks before. Mel takes Katrina to the Manor and shows her a home video of Marisol to explain that Katrina is not crazy, but instead a medium. Katrina has better understanding and feels much happier, but instead of going to be hospitalised, she leaves anyway, giving Mel the keys to her shop and asking that someone look after it for her.

Mark’s Maundering Musings

I am digging how they are writing this season. Splitting up the core cast into different areas and working on different storylines is really working at keeping the entire episode engaging and varied. Having said that, I don’t understand why Macy and Harry allowed Maggie to go off and confront the Overlord in a Demon’s nest, with Abby – who they do not trust – just because it’s Parker. Seriously a bad decision.

Don’t get me started on Parker. The dude ghosts on her and disappears, then appears to be running some sort of major demon faction, yet Maggie still trusts him, and then he has the nerve to propose? No thank you.

It’ll be interesting to see how much Jordan is aware of his ancestry. His expressions during the fight with Macy suggested that he’s a bit more sinister than he has appeared up until now. If he is a witch hunter, that would make the whole storyline much more compelling.

Macy’s flashbacks to her fights with demons when explaining whether she has any boxing experience was a brilliant use of a montage. A+

I’m shocked that Katrina has left so early, and I wonder whether she will return, but I was never wholly sold on Mel and her. They had great chemistry, but they’ve barely spent any time together so it has felt a little forced.

What’s up with Macy and Harry? We all know that they dig each other, but they’re being slightly pissy at each other. Harry’s being flirty with Abby, who is being overtly sexual towards him, while Macy is suggesting that she prefers Harry’s evil double, which Harry himself is clearly worried about, conceiving of himself as half a man. Bizarre. I wonder how long this storyline will take to come to a head.

Next week

Next week, Macy and Mel try to convince Maggie that marrying Parker would be the worst decision. I mean, anybody getting married at 22 is a terrible idea, but getting married to a demon? I don’t mean to be judgmental, but he is a terrible person, so no I am not feeling this.


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