#TripofaLifetime: Rose reviewed 15 years on

It’s been 15 years since Doctor Who rocketed back onto our screens with “Rose”. To celebrate, Doctor Who fans tuned in simultaneously to host a rewatch, even trending on Twitter UK.

#TripofaLifetime Rose Prequel Revealed

In preparation for the #TripofaLifetime rewatch of Doctor Who’s revival episode “Rose” on its 15th anniversary, Russell T Davies releases a new prequel to the story, which has never before been seen.

#SavetheDay – The Day of the Doctor Rewatch

At 7pm on 21st March, Doctor Who fans marked the dire times with a rewatch of 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, and came together as even Steven Moffat took to Twitter to share his own thoughts on the episode. Perennially late to the party, here I am to share my own.