The Weeks the Earth Stood Still

Featured image by t1na on DeviantArt.

So we’re in Week 2 (I think?) of the COVID 19 outbreak here in England, and it very much feels like the world is coming to a standstill. Walking about, it’s almost as if you’re in the quiet of the storm. From the early levels of hysteria, most people have now been encouraged to remain indoors, and only voyage outside for wholly necessary journeys. People seem to be delighted in ignoring this sage advice and restrictions, but that’s not quite the point.

Not quite everything has stopped however. The battle is far from over. Life will carry on as abnormal for quite some time yet, and I can only imagine the strain and the toll undertaken by the NHS and its workers. As for myself, I am finally now able to be in isolation for a week, as the rota for school teachers is starting to be implemented for those few children who are needed to be looked after.

So what are we all to do in this time? Well, even though the West End has drawn to a halt, as well as cinemas, pubs, clubs and gyms (and I was so much very much maybe intending to go in the next week perhaps), and the filming of very many TV shows have also been rescheduled/postpones (my thoughts are with you Coronation Street and Emmerdale), isn’t it such a great time to be living in a universe with Netflix? It’s also a great time for me to be existing with my obscenely large DVD collection, just in case the internet servers crash. Furthermore, Disney+ is finally available in the UK (suspicious timing, Disney…very suspicious) as of tomorrow, so there will be plenty to binge there.

To this end, I hope to keep you all highly updated over the next few weeks as to what I am watching to get me through this time with my sanity in check. If you end up watching the same things as me, by all means reach out to discuss it. In these times, virtual conversations are a bit of a port in a storm.

So, welcome to Mark’s Quarantine Watches.

Image result for quarantine watches

Wait what?

That is entirely not what I meant. Anything I want to watch to keep my spirits up, I am going to be sharing over here, whether that’s a new programme, or something familiar that I’m rewatching. Hang in there, folks. We’ve got this.

P.S. Google searching “Quarantine Watches” led me to an article about what watch was the best to wear during a quarantine. Fascinating stuff. Personally, I believe this whole isolating thing would be a lot more fun if we got rid of clocks completely. Make a game of it. Learn to predict the time from the motions of the sun. It’s called making your own fun, guys. Look it up.

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