#TripofaLifetime Rose Prequel Revealed

In preparation for the #TripofaLifetime rewatch of Doctor Who’s revival episode “Rose” on its 15th anniversary, Russell T Davies releases a new prequel to the story, which has never before been seen.

With pretty much all of us stuck inside these days, it’s necessary to create virtual fun. Following on from last week’s Day of the Doctor rewatch, it is now the turn for the episode that introduced Doctor Who to an entirely new generation – of which I am unashamed to admit that I am one.

To mark the occasion, Russell T Davies has released a prequel to the story, which he wrote for the 50th anniversary festivities. The story details the Eighth Doctor’s regeneration into the Ninth, following on from the end of the Time War, in which he used the Moment to destroy Dalek and Time Lords alike. As everybody who tuned in to Day of the Doctor knows, however, this has been removed from canon with the existence of John Hurt’s War Doctor. This prevented it from being released in the name of the 50th Anniversary, but, Russell reasons, with the confirmation of Doctors other than the ones that we already know, anything is fair game.

Here is also the marvellous trailer that started it all (featuring Billie Piper with a staggering amount of makeup. Not quite sure what that’s about).

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