The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 10: 7:15 A.M.

Mary Margaret and David struggle to control their feelings for each other, while Snow and Charming attempt to reunite in the Enchanted Forest.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, and Robert Carlyle

Season 1
Episode 10: 7:15 A.M.

The Enchanted Forest

Snow is still in hiding in the Enchanted Forest, on the run from the Evil Queen, and her friend Red (Riding Hood) delivers her supplies. Snow cannot stop thinking about Charming, as his wedding to Abigail looms in the next two days. Red suggests that Snow seek Rumpelstiltskin to try and forget about Charming, and Snow does so. Using Snow’s hair and some water, Rumple concocts a potion that he promises will make her forget about Charming. Meanwhile, in the palace Charming is also struggling without Snow. He is being forced by King George to marry Abigail, as the marriage will bring great riches to the kingdom. Charming sends a letter to Snow that begs her to come and see him so that they can be together and it fortunately reaches her just in time before she takes the potion.

Snow arrives at the palace, but she is captured by guards and imprisoned along with Grumpy. He is in jail for stealing a diamond that he wanted to give to his girlfriend. Grumpy is broken out by another dwarf, called Stealthy, and they also free Snow. On the way out of the palace, Stealthy is killed, but Snow agrees to give herself up if they let Grumpy go. King George is adamant that Snow not interfere with the wedding, and instructs her to tell Charming that she does not love him, else King George will kill him. Snow does so, but in the process breaks both her and Charming’s hearts. As she leaves, she encounters Grumpy and six other dwarfs and they offer her a place to stay with them. Snow wants to use the potion, but Grumpy warns that forgetting feelings is like forgetting a part of yourself.

The next morning, Charming has called off his wedding to Abigail and runs into Red Riding Hood, who passes the message onto the dwarves that Charming is looking for Snow. When the dwarves deliver her the news, however, she has no idea who Charming is. The empty potion bottle lies next to her.


On his way to school, Henry notices the Stranger fixing his motorcycle. Upon being questioned, he is quite cagey about why he is town, but merely mentions that a storm is coming. Regina asks Emma to find out about the Stranger, which Emma is not too convinced by until Regina mentions the conversation she noticed between the Stranger and Henry. Emma asks the Stranger what is in the box and why he is town. On the agreement that she have a drink with him, the Stranger reveals that inside the box is only a typewriter, and that he views Storybrooke as a potential source for inspiration.

Meanwhile, Mary Margaret has been going to Granny’s for precisely 7:15 every morning so that she can encounter David when he gets his morning coffee. Emma has cottoned on to this, and calls Mary Margaret out on her stalking, and suggests that she should stop it. While in the shop, Mary Margaret bumps into Kathryn, who is buying a pregnancy test. In the forest, Mary Margaret finds a dove trapped in some wire mesh. She brings the dove to the shelter where David works, where she finds out that the bird will be okay but needs to be returned to her flock, otherwise it will be left alone forever. David offers to help Mary Margaret, but she refuses and heads off into the forest to return it herself, even though the storm is fast approaching. She begins to slip and fall towards a cliff, but David appears out of nowhere and rescues her. As the rain begins to increase, the two seek shelter in a cabin. While inside, David demands to know why Mary Margaret is acting so uncomfortable with him, and she reveals her feelings for him, and that she only goes to Granny’s so that she can see him. David responds that that’s the only reason that he goes to Granny’s too. Just before the pair kiss, Mary Margaret remembers Kathryn’s pregnancy test and stops herself. David explains that his feelings for Kathryn are only memories, while his feelings for Mary Margaret are real, but Mary Margaret thinks that they need to end it.

The next day, Mary Margaret and David both try to avoid the other, by arriving at Granny’s at 7:45. This makes them realise that they cannot stay apart from each other, and the pair kiss, which is spotted by Regina, sitting in her car nearby.


  • So, this is episode 10, right? And Raphael Sbarge, a series regular, has only appeared in four of those episodes. Anybody get the sense that the writers just sort of employed this guy and then they’re like…ah crap…I have no idea what to do with him…
  • Mary Margaret and David kissing has not broken the curse. Which I imagined would probably be the case, but it is still frustrating to work out how it’s going to come to a close, but perhaps it relies more upon Emma’s contribution, seeing as Graham was freed from the curse when he kissed her.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas just have such electric chemistry, it really makes you root for the two of them as a couple. I mean, their insane chemistry probably makes sense when you bear in mind that they got married and have had children in real life, but still! Bravo.
  • I just really want Mary Margaret and David to be happy together in this new world. All of this angsty pining is hearting my heart.
  • Even though the Stranger has explained himself to Emma, I am still suspicious of him.
  • We finally got a proper glimpse at Red in the past, however brief, which I am living for. I am intrigued as to how her and Snow became friends and why she is assisting her in the forest, so hopefully this is explored in future episodes.
  • Honestly, episodes that focus upon the Snow/Charming dynamic are so charming and endearing, they’re always going to be a winner in my book, but I am so frustrated that Snow has taken a memory wipe potion to forget about Charming. So frustrated. What a needless boundary! She just should have been patient and waited! Though I suppose it may play into the whole doting and doe-eyed housewife depiction of Snow White that we traditionally see.

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