The Great Once Upon a Time Rewatch | Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick

Emma becomes more determined to figure out the mystery behind the enigmatic Stranger, while David promises to break off his relationship with Kathryn, with disastrous consequences.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, and Jared S. Gilmore.

Season 1
Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick

The Enchanted Forest

King George’s men hunt for Charming, who has fled from his marriage to Abigail. Abigail manages to help Charming escape from King George’s men, and explains that she does not want the marriage to go ahead either. Instead, she needs Charming’s help. Abigail shows Charming a life-sized golden statue of Frederick, who she explains tried to protect the King from an ambush, but in the process turned himself to gold by touching King Midas, due to his curse. Abigail explains that a lake nearby has water with magic that would reverse Frederick to his natural state, but that none have returned from the lake alive. Charming agrees to the mission.

Charming and Abigail make their way to the lake, and Charming decides to confront the creature that lives within it alone. When at the lake, the beast shows itself, revealing that it is a beautiful siren. Charming is aware of the deception of the siren, but still she turns into Snow and tries to seduce him. Charming manages to refuse the siren, but she then tries to drown him by force. Charming escapes and kills the siren using a fallen dagger. He returns to Abigail with water that restores Frederick to life.

Charming continues on his quest to find Snow. He meets up with Red Riding Hood, who tells him that Snow left to go looking for him and explains that she loves him, even though she told Charming she didn’t. (We previously saw Charming turn up here in 7:15 AM). Charming deduces that Snow must have been forced by King George to end things. He pulls Red onto the horse and the two escape from King George’s men.


Kathryn tells David that she has been accepted into law school in Boston and wants to take it as a fresh start for the pair of them. David goes for a walk and meets up with Mary Margaret, who he tells he will choose over his wife. Mary Margaret insists that David tell Kathryn about them and let her leave to go to Boston by herself. David breaks up with Kathryn, but tells her that they are not reconnecting, and conveniently leaves out Mary Margaret, leaving Kathryn devastated and unaware of David’s affair.

Kathryn turns to Regina and tells her about David leaving her and Regina produces photos of David’s affair with Mary Margaret. David tells Mary Margaret that he came clean with Kathryn about their relationship, but this is contradicted when Kathryn arrives and slaps Mary Margaret at her school, saying that David lied to both of them. Mary Margaret discovers that the news of the affair has travelled around the whole town and everybody is treating her differently. She confronts David about why he wasn’t honest with Kathryn. He says that he wanted to spare her feelings and didn’t want anybody to be hurt. Mary Margaret responds that now everybody is hurt, and breaks off their relationship.

Kathryn returns to Regina, and apologises for how cross she was with Regina for revealing David’s affair. She says that she is going to move to Boston alone, and that she was never really in love with David. She’s written letters to both David and Mary Margaret, telling the two of them to be together, as she could see their happiness from the pictures that Regina took. Regina burns the letters that Kathryn sent. Kathryn sets off to Boston, but her car ends up in a ditch. The school gym teacher (Frederick’s Storybrooke counterpart) finds her car, but Kathryn herself is missing.

Elsewhere, The Stranger reveals to Emma that he is called August Booth. We also see him restoring Henry’s book. He takes Emma to an old well, and claims that the water from there have restorative qualities and “will restore what was lost”. Later, August leaves the book inside the red metal box that holds it underneath Emma’s car, which she finds. She returns it to Henry, who takes it as a sign that things are going to improve.


  • This week on: Where is Raphael Sbarge? He is not here. He is still laughing, and counting his coins. We are fools to him. He spits upon us idiots, working for our money. He hugs his agent. He is happy.
  • The continuity is starting to get quite complicated back in the Enchanted Forest, isn’t it? This flashback takes place after Snow says that she doesn’t love Charming and after Charming calls off the wedding, but before he runs into Red in that episode, and before Snow drinks the potion that makes her forget about Charming.
  • It’s quite interesting to see the contrasts between Charming and David here. You can see certain commonalities occurring: both in the Enchanted Forest, and in Storybrooke, Charming/David is motivated to keep people happy. He chooses to go on the mission for Abigail to prevent her suffering, and does not reveal his affair about Mary Margaret so that she does not have any unnecessary hurt. Unfortunately, in this second case, these actions are also somewhat selfish and made without consulting her, who is also affected by this decision. It also feels a little cowardly to have made this decision, even though he says that it was to protect her feelings, I think really it was so that he didn’t feel bad for having caused that hurt, considering he was already breaking her heart anyway. That seems much more selfishly motivated than what he has commented upon.
  • I completely understand what Snow is saying here about David having made a selfish decision and hurting a lot of people, and that he wasn’t thinking with the two of them in mind, which is a massive deal. He certainly can’t be trusted to be a team player, or at least messed up on this occasion. It’s a bit frustrating though, because you have the almost certain knowledge that David and Mary Margaret will get back together, which somewhat undercuts the fact that she is standing up for herself here, knowing that she already has done so to David in past episodes, and then gone right back. After all, what’s the point in all of that hurt caused if she isn’t even going to benefit from it by the end? She didn’t even quite give David the chance to explain or even try to make it work, which seems a little ridiculous considering all of the work that they’ve put in. A chastisement, perhaps, but completely breaking up seems somewhat extreme.
  • I wonder whether the well that August showed Emma is significant in some way? He does mention that it will restore what is lost, so perhaps that well contains some sort of secret to how to break the curse?
  • Regina really is lobbying for David and Mary Margaret to be kept apart, isn’t she? Understandably they cause somewhat of a threat to her, but I’m surprised that instead of making Kathryn disappear (which I’m certain has something to do with her), she hasn’t just killed David by this point (she wouldn’t kill Snow; she hates her too much to kill her).
  • August definitely seems to know something about the Enchanted Forest. Why else would he be fiddling with Henry’s book? I also wonder whether he’s made a copy of the book, so that he knows it, or whether he has inserted some new pages in there?

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