Festive Favourites: My Christmas Must-Sees

As Santa’s annual visit draws nearer, here’s a breakdown of what’s on my Christmas watchlist year after year to get those perfect Christmassy butterflies going

Ranking Doctor Who Series Openers

The series openers of Doctor Who are some of the most important within each run. Not only do they often have to introduce new characters to the Who universe, but they also have to re-establish the premise and the tone of the series for any new joiners. As such, it sort of has to have…

Genius or sacrilege? | The Timeless Children Review

The jaw dropping revelations contained within Series 12’s finale were certainly polarising within the Doctor Who fandom, some viewing the new additions as exciting, while others think of it as an unnecessary destruction.

10 Years of the Eleventh Doctor

On the 10th Anniversary of Matt Smith’s premiere episode on Doctor Who, Twitter looks back at The Eleventh Hour: the first episode in a new era of Who

#TripofaLifetime: Rose reviewed 15 years on

It’s been 15 years since Doctor Who rocketed back onto our screens with “Rose”. To celebrate, Doctor Who fans tuned in simultaneously to host a rewatch, even trending on Twitter UK.

#TripofaLifetime Rose Prequel Revealed

In preparation for the #TripofaLifetime rewatch of Doctor Who’s revival episode “Rose” on its 15th anniversary, Russell T Davies releases a new prequel to the story, which has never before been seen.

#SavetheDay – The Day of the Doctor Rewatch

At 7pm on 21st March, Doctor Who fans marked the dire times with a rewatch of 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, and came together as even Steven Moffat took to Twitter to share his own thoughts on the episode. Perennially late to the party, here I am to share my own.

Halfway through Series 12: Doctor Who Review

Jodie Whittaker is back for her second series as the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor, alongside companions Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole as Graham, Yaz and Ryan.

Happy 13th Birthday Torchwood

Doctor Who’s edgy, adult spin-off Torchwood first broadcast 13 years ago today, so let’s look back on some of the best moments of the show. Torchwood began its life as a spin-off of Doctor Who, presented on BBC Three. With themes of sex, homosexuality and more blood and gore than you could shake a stick…

14 Years of Doctor Who

Okay, yes, alright I know – put down your flaming torches, please – I am aware that Doctor Who is more than 14 years old. But it has been 14 years since Doctor Who was revived, with the episode Rose on 26th March 2005. If I had any power of forethought, then I would have…