My Weekly TV roundup

I must confess, this post is driven purely out of laziness for producing three separate recaps for these shows, so I am here to combine them all here. So prepare thineself, for the season finale of American Horror Story, some major plot developments in The Good Place and…well, Charmed happened, I guess.

Charmed Review: Macy’s Soul Sister

Macy takes the burden of the Charmed Ones by herself, Mel is desperate to regain her powers and Maggie goes to extreme ends to get what she wants.

TV Review: Charmed Reboot (Episodes 1 – 11)

So, I must confess…when the Charmed reboot was announced, I was simultaneously elated and filled with dread. What were they going to do with it? I wondered to myself. And on the CW? Then came the pictures of the leads and they didn’t look quite right. And the previews of the episodes seemed strange and foreign. I…