The Final Battle Review | Once Upon a Time Season 6 Finale

So, finally, after 6 seasons and 133 episodes, this story of Once Upon a Time has drawn to an end. It’s no mean feat to be able to draw a line underneath a tale that has included travelling to Neverland, Oz, Camelot and the Underworld, not to mention the host of curses and villains that have swept through the sleepy New England town. However, fortunately, season finales have always been a strong suit of Kitsis and Horowitz, and it provides a fitting end for Emma Swan’s storyline. The elements that set up the softly rebooted seventh season were intriguing, but fortunately didn’t detract too much from the goodbye.

“Locke & Key” is a dark, fantastical and bingeable hit

Follow the story of the three Locke children as they discover that their ancestral home Key House has everything: grand bedrooms, stunning views – oh, and magical keys and a demonic entity that resides in the well hellbent on securing them for their own devices.

Alex Rider is safe, inoffensive fun

Amazon Prime’s TV adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s popular book series struggles to identify its audience, but provides an entertaining journey.