#TripofaLifetime: Rose reviewed 15 years on

It’s been 15 years since Doctor Who rocketed back onto our screens with “Rose”. To celebrate, Doctor Who fans tuned in simultaneously to host a rewatch, even trending on Twitter UK.

#TripofaLifetime Rose Prequel Revealed

In preparation for the #TripofaLifetime rewatch of Doctor Who’s revival episode “Rose” on its 15th anniversary, Russell T Davies releases a new prequel to the story, which has never before been seen.

Happy 13th Birthday Torchwood

Doctor Who’s edgy, adult spin-off Torchwood first broadcast 13 years ago today, so let’s look back on some of the best moments of the show. Torchwood began its life as a spin-off of Doctor Who, presented on BBC Three. With themes of sex, homosexuality and more blood and gore than you could shake a stick…